Workshop: Scientific Presentation


Organiser: RNA Biology/ RIGeL

Trainer: Dr. Ruth Willmott, Bioscript

Language: English

Registration period:

  • for PhD students of the Graduate Research Academy RNA Biology and the RIGeL Section CBB: 03.-14.05.2021
  • for all other PhD students: 10.-14.05.2021

Registration link: coming soon  (Please register with your full name and do not forget to place the check mark beside your name!

Number of participants: 

Target group: PhD students of the RNA Biology and of all RIGeL sections

The registration is on a first come, first served basis. The registration fee will be payed by the graduate school. In case of cancellation of participation less than 7 days prior to the start of the course a cancellation fee in the amount of 100 % (325 EUR) of the registration fee will be charged unless a medical note is submitted!

RIGeL CPs: 0,6 CP/ Other career supporting event

Course description

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When and where


07.06.2021 - 08.06.2021


Universität Regensburg


Neuroscience Graduate Programme "Neurobiology of Emotion Dysfunctions"
(GRK 2174)


Fakult├Ąt Biologie und Vkl. Medizin
University of Regensburg
Universit├Ątsstr. 31
93053 Regensburg
Phone: +49 (0)941-943-3055




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