Company Talk: Labor LS SE & Co. KG

Although, due to the Corona situation excursions to companies or trade fairs are currently not possible, the RIGeL Excursions Team would like to continue its activities in a modified form. Thus, the team will organize virtual excursions, so called company talks. Leaders and members of different companies will give an insight into the structure and workflow of the companies and provide PhD students and students with useful hints for applications.

The first company talk will be given by Labor LS SE & Co. KG.


Labor LS SE & Co. KG is a german company in the field of microbiological and physico-chemical testing of pharmaceutical end products. Labor LS also tests numerous raw materials, excipients, active ingredients, in-process controls and ultrapure media. All tests are performed at the cGMP quality standard.
In a 90 min lecture on April 28, two employees from leading positions will talk about the company and perspektives for application.
The speakers are
Katharina Schlereth: Head of Division
Nicole Spitzlberger: Head of Sterility Testing
The Zoom link will be sent by email in advance and will be available here short before lecture start.


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