Online lecture series: Meet the Entrepreneur - Leading Mosquitoes Around by the Nose - Of Mosquitoes and Business

Have you always been interested in the start-up potential of your scientific project?
Or have you never thought that your project might also have start-up potential?
And what do mosquitoes have to do with a limited company?
In the next talk of the online lecture series Meet the Entrepreneur of FUTURstart-up Dr. Martin Geier will talk about his adventure of "founding out of the own research project" with the title "Leading Mosquitoes Around by the Nose – Of Mosquitoes and Business".

Almost 20 years ago, Dr. Martin Geier (together with Dr. Andreas Rose) founded Biogents AG. During their PhD at the Institute of Zoology at the University of Regensburg, they had the idea of developing new traps and attractants and thus a new approach for the targeted and environmentally friendly control of dangerous pathogens on the basis of the knowledge gained in their research on blood-sucking insects.
Dr. Geier will tell in his lecture how the good equipment and the scientific freedom at the chair, the local network and international contacts as well as the support from FUTUR with regard to patent applications and funding acquisition in the early phase got the foundation off the ground. He also explains the parallels to biological principles in the business world, why perseverance and tenacity are decisive success factors both in science and as a founder and managing director, and how to start a business without a lot of capital.
Biogents AG, founded in 2002, now employs a good 35 people in the development and manufacture of highly efficient mosquito traps as well as providing services to develop mosquito repellents and related products.
The lecture will be held in English!
Date: 14.12.2021, 17:00 via Zoom
Registration by e-mail to: (stating your first and last name, faculty* and university),
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Further dates are planned for January 24th, 2022 (Monday!, Faculty of Chemistry & Pharmacy, in cooperation with JCF), as well as on February 8th, 2022.
* RIGeL students receive 0.15 CP for participating in at least three lectures. Therefore, please indicate your affiliation with RIGeL when registering; the information about your participation will then be passed on to the RIGeL-School.
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